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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Celebrating Fremantle

November 26

Well it was time to get ready to go home. This meant many goodbye dinners including a lovely one at the local Indain Restaurant with Betty Apps.

It was also time to say goodbye to our little shopping mall:

It seemed like Freo was even saying a personal goodbye as there was a big Town festival parade that went by right outside the domicile on Pakenham:

There was this lovely lady walking around amongst the crowd:

...and the Waldorf school participated with a lovely dragon of colored paper.

There were Chinese style dragons...

..and denizens of unknown alternative universes...

The colors and imagination were genuinely awesome.

And I also learned that the Hare Krishnas are still around.

Their float was beautifully colored...

...and as it rounded the corner I even caught a glimpse of the holy man within.

I was sad that the students were no longer around to enjoy this, but it made this a marvelous personal experience that warmed me inwardly for days.


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