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Monday, January 01, 2007

An Evening Out With John

October 30,

Well, I am now more than two months behind on my blogging!! I thought I'd post some pictures from a lovely evening out with our landlord. I've got the system bugs worked out, I think, so I'll tell a bit about our evening out.

John picked us up and showed us his apoartment/condominium that he is upgrading. he has done an amazing job and it is a lovely place. We arrived in time to watch the sunset on his balcony and enjoy a nice glass of wine.

His apartment is in a bit of disarray since there are builders tromping in and out and working on various parts of the dwelling (so I tried not to take images of the messier areas). This is a shot taken from the living room area of the dining nook.

There are many objets d'art and John has a very good eye for art. He is quite eclectic in his interests. He is well read (particularly in the field of history and supports the arts (as do many Australians - in fact I am quite impressed by the way that art takes a major place in Australian culture - rendering the idea of the nexus art and class debatable - although John is quite patrician in his schooling and interests despite his farming roots.) There is a sculpture by the person who did the aboriginal woman sculpture on the hearth shelf in our apartment -

This piece is more primitive - called the drover's wife - quite exhaustive and sad in a way - but another lovely piece of art which is visible on a shelf against the side wall(on the left side of the picture - you might want to click on the photo to enlarge it - but I fear there will not be much detail.).

The above picture shows the other side of the living room area. One can see that he has collected many interesting pices of historical and artistic memorabilia. There are also photos of his children and family including (in the study area) a fenian document granting honor to his father.

Cottesloe is a lovely, sleepy little palce and we went to a restaurant around the corner (full of original paintings and red decor, (looking a bit washed out in my phto here)..

where we dined on delicious fare and had a nice bottle of wine.

Unfortunately I did not drink my fair share of the wine and this became a problem, as we got stopped by the police on the way home. This turned out to be one of the more nerve-wracking incidents of our stay abroad. Long story short, Mom and I ended up driving John's car back to our apartment and he met us there by taxi. After some good conversation and checking in on the students, John was able to drive back home safely. The Australians are very serious about DUI (what they call drink driving and licenses get lost for years for a first offense and revoked for a second one. (I don't know the exact details, but they are severe in comparison with American standards.) We were all quite rattled.


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