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Monday, December 25, 2006

Margaret's Beach House

Around the 27th of October:

Sometime around October 27th we were invited by Margaret to visit her beach house south of Mandurah. Mom and I packed up our art supplies and said Hi to Mick on our way out. Here he is in his flower pot so he can look out the window.

We joined Margaret and a friend down South. Margaret's house is in the settlement called Florida Beach. What follows are a few photos from our visit. This is her dining area in the beach house where we had a lovely lunch of bread and salad with a preprepared chook.

The beach house is a wonderful space for art.

Outside was sunny and clear. One can see part of her wall which she hired a mason to emulate on a different section of the property.

After lunch I took a walk out to the beach while Mom and Margaret and Mom chatted. This was an opportunity to take a few pictures...

... and gave me a chance to indulge my artist's eye without betraying my lack of physical dexterity (drawing-wise).

The sand had these interesting formations.

On teh way back to Margaret's house, I saw this bumper sticker, which in some ways epitomizes the masculine culture of West Australia (to me).

The snails were evidently a bit of a problem and quite large. (That is what those white things are on the aloe.)

There is opuntia in the gardens, and I had to admire the red fruits on this one.

This is a wonderful gate out to some trees that are actually in the neighbor's yard. Margaret was very sad about those trees, because the neighbors asked if they could take them down and she was too nice to say no.

So she painted her beloved trees when we got together for a little art time.

Mom and I chose other subjects.

(You've already seen my results earlier on the blog.)

All too soon it was time to return home, so we packed up and headed back. We watched the sun set over the ocean as we drove back to downtown Freo.


At 3:46 AM, Anonymous min said...

How cool is that, having all those artists playing together? Sounds like a really cool day.


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