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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Tingle All The Way

Well, the Tree Top Walk was pretty much the main goal of this trip. (By the way - just a reminder that you can click on the images to make them larger and some of them really should be viewed in this manner).

The sun made the trees glow and the walk through the old growth forest below was entrancing.

These little photgraphs in no way convey the power of being surrounded by the big trees and enveloped in their upper branches. It was hard to grasp the idea that we were so high up and that the understory with all the animals was so far beneath us.

Here are various views from the walk as the ramp took us higher and higher.

...and allowed us to see forest life at the different levels.

As one moves from one section of ramp to the next, one gets closer to the North where you can see the Porongorup Mountains in the distance.

We also learned that there were night tours for looking at nocturnal animals and maybe someday I'll get a chance to do one of those!

The tingles are characterized by a triangular base that increases with age as they have no tap root like most large trees.
When you see them turned over, their bottoms are like hollow rings. On our walk below we admired the huge trunks. Of course not all the trees are Tingle trees in the understory and there are little signs around the walk to inform about other plants that are a vital part of the ecosystem of the area. (The red trees shown here are Sheoaks, I think.)

Often these trees are hit by lightning or disease and end up with hollow centers, but are still kept alive by the transport system beneath the bark.

After we finished our walk around the big trees, we headed towards Denmark, but we made one more stop on the way at "Conspicuous Cliff".

The peak was easily accessible via stairs and though I had intended to simply dash down to the beach and back before heading to Albany and our hotel, the look-out platform led to the cliff, I couldn't resist heading out through the brush...

and then on up a bit...

before I knew it ...

I was at the top ...

....and rewarded with a magnificent view.

The beach had a stream of water going across it, so after coming down, I did not venture across to get to the sand.

Since it was getting late we drove on toward Albany - having to drive very carefully to avoid the kangaroos (all of which seemed to be going from beach direction inland.)

When we passed the Mt. Barker turn-off I felt a thrill knowing that I was in previously unexplored territory (by Don and myself on our first trip.) Therre was no turning back now!!

As we passed by a field of sheep (and we had passed by many) I noticed some wild birds leaving the road and ducking into the grass.

After only one wrong turn (because we had been warned that Albany is a complicated place to drive) we arrived in town...

...and made our way to the Fredericks hotel - our room was not fancy, but it had a toaster, fridge and everything we needed for a late dinner.


At 12:59 PM, Anonymous min said...

Cool pictures. That makes the Texas landscape seem so dull (especially here in the city). It must be awesome walking in the treetops!


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