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Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Southland is Where I want to be!

Saturday, September 30, 2006

So, we got up and packed the car for our big trip south and would have gotten out of Fremantle about 9:00 if it hadn't been for all the one way streets, so a half hour later we were finally heading out of town. My back was still bothering me intensely from pulling a muscle in the Kimberley, so it was an exciting trip with me shrieking periodically with spasms while going 110 kilometers per hour and especially when breaking! The flowers were in full force and we enjoyed the changing microclimates as we moved southward. In the Fremantle area there were a lot of yellows and pinks which changed to oranges when we got much farther south. We decided to stop at Yalgorup national Park just South of Freo, because we kept reading about Thrombalites, but could find no description of them anywhere(except they were related to stromalites.)

We headed into the park and the trail to the thrombalites was past some grey trees and then onto a wooden boardwalk. The weather was cloudy off and on and it even rained slightly while we were out on the boardwalk, but it did not really interfere with our viewing pleasure. Here we went across part of the bay passing some fascinating grass-like plants that grew off the roots in angukar geometric patterns.

As we progressed along the boardwalk we admired the deep turquoise blue of the water.

And then we looked down and we saw them, the thrombalites!! The are living stones that grow about a centemiter per year. Unfortunately the tide had come in and covered them for our visit, but it was a spooky sight to see living rocks lurking under water of Lake Clifton like some kind of zombie alien.

We next headed to Lake Preston in the same park over washboard roads presenting another chance at our favortite pastime:

Sheep or rocks?

We decided to eat lunch at the picnic site there and when I went to find out where the beach was, lo if I didn't find that the next people over (camping) included our Pharmicist from Fremantle, who recognized me. He and four other guys were hanging out drnking and getting ready to listen to the big Footy game (championship). Here we are at lunch and you can see their tent in the background.

Lunch was an exciting bologna sandwich, but the magpies seemed to be pretty interested.

These are rather large birds and 5 or six of them gathered round to see what we would leave them.

The woods were grey and tangled in this part of the park.

Although there were also the banksias and other more interesting plants too.

Here is Mom on the way to the Lake Preston beach.

Particularly interesting was a papery barked tree of a reddish color.

And here is a view of the lake. After a nice relaxed lunch we were feeling like our trip was already a resounding success.


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