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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Shiver Me Flinders!

October 2, 2006

So I fell asleep to the tunes of "Sister Act" on our hotel TV and slept like a log. It was wonderful to have a chance to take it easy this morning (unlike the day before when we were rushing to make our assigned time at the Aquarium.) The Hotel had some lovely flowers outside so we strolled around and took some pictures (I think Mom took pictures of the ducks that came to our back stoop to beg.

Our first stop of the day was Flinders bay per recommendation of our Scottish sounding (but actually pure Australian) hotel clerk. There was a little caravan park there and we stopped and asked permission to park there so we could take a look at the beach and the guy there showed us a short cut to the beach.

It was a rocky place with several kinds of flowers abloom...

and we both stuck our toes in the Southern ocean just so we could say we had. (It turned out to be warmer than we expected.)

We headed back to the car almost avoiding the footy game that was taking place on the caravan park lawn.

We continued on down highway 250 and stopped at the lighthouse. This one had no long walk to get there, so we looked and felt less than inspired. perhaps we were becoming inured ot the sights of crystal blue ocean and pure white beaches, we turned around and headed off and almost neglected to stop at the other sight of the area - the waterwheel. (It sounded so, well, uh, run of the mill. It couldn't be that interesting after all, could it?) Well, we were wrong!! The waterwheel was a MUCH more ineresting place to stop. The beach was full of giant boulders, any of which guaranteed a fantastic photograph! The waves were bigger and more violent on this side of the cape...

and the colors were indescribably vivid.

Also the waterwheel had absorbed calcite of some kind and become petrified in place, making it a bizarre stony ghost of its former self.

Mom and I took limitless pictures of the boulders (only a few of which I will impose on you here.)

This really seemed like the high point of the whole trip so far!

Here is the water wheel from the other side. (It was still attached to a long trough.)

Well, I guess Mom is no match for me in terms of looking at boulders. It was time to move on. So we loaded up the car and headed down 250 to the next adventure.


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