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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Ngilgi Willy Nilly

Sunday, October 1, 2006 continued

We took the cave roads down the coast and stopped at Ngilgi cave in time for the very last tour.

The entrance had the story of Ngilgi described in mosaics and we read of the war between Ngilgi and the winds.

Mom was warned about the 701 steps, but she wanted to go in, so down we went into the bowels of the earth to see a cave full of crystalline structures, stalagtites, stalagmites ...

and flows.

I'm not sure why the guides feel they have to entertain us with fantasy-laden descriptions,

(the cave formations really speak for themselves), but we were regaled with tall tales and descriptions of the various crystal structures.

The tour was divided into two halves with one guide introducing us to the first big room.

This room was vast in size.

When we finished with it, without our guide, we wound around through narrow little passages to reach other smaller areas.

The first part of tour came to an end at a place called Cupid's corner. Mom and I were slower than the others so the others had turned around and returned by the time we got there. I left Mom to go around a little bend and remembered that the guide had told us we would meet up with a second guide to do the main chamber.

I worked my way through the last passage and found myself in the main chamber.

There was the second guide waiting for the members of our group (who had all evidently turned around before getting that far. )

He took me on a personal tour around the room, where I was shown a major shawl and some other notable formations.

The variety was stunning and I have to say I really enjoyed myself...

...and then I rushed back to Mom so we could get out of the cave before closing time.

We looked around the area a bit, but because we were still at the top of caves road and it was past 5:00 we needed to get going.

(I thought we had a reservation at the Mayflower Bed and Breakfast in Augusta, but it turned out I had written the wrong night on my request, so when we finally got there (after getting lost twice) we were disappointed to find out they were completely full (due to my mistake). The very nice people there were able to secure us a room in a good hotel with a breakfast basket and full kitchen for a very good price, so all was well that ended well.

We had breakfast that evening at "Squirrel's" ...

a general store qua, tourist shop, qua cafe.

Afterwards I went home and collapsed in bed - my back was killing me, I was frustrated and tired and angry with myself for making such a stupid mistake.


At 9:36 PM, Anonymous Jenny said...

Gorgeous. I love the smell of caves. That musty, forgotten smell. Something about it is just so evocative to me.

At 8:45 PM, Anonymous Min said...

Yes, Jenny loves poking around into dark, secret places.

Please don't leave Mom in caves or feed her squirrel for dinner. Now she's going to want squirrel every night!

At 9:31 PM, Blogger Wendy and/or Don said...

I think I heard her saying that she wants to eat kangaroo when she gets home.


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