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Friday, October 13, 2006

I'd love a Pavlova

October 3. 2006

It seems I forgot to mention some of our earlier activities, like the trip to the Pemberton Visitor's center where we
saw live Marrons (Australia's version of the crawfish - a dark and very spiny creature that is somehow gorgeous in the same way that dark red opals are.)

I had also discovered an unfamiliar spoon in my backpack (which meant I had inadvertently stolen it from our last hotel) so we also went to the post office where I bought a padded mailing bag and mailed the hotel their spoon back.

The late afternoon was our time at Big Brook Dam. We drove down Golf Links Road and after a typical Wendy turn the wrong way, we found the place.

(This is actually from Beedleup the park before the dam.)

It was getting dark, but there were two fishermen at the dam fishing. We looked at the water and walked along the Bibbulman track a bit before turning around and heading for Glenhaven. There was a bit of rain on occasion and water hung in droplets from the trees. The track was asphalt (bitumen pronounced bitchuhmun here).

The sky was grey and it cast a somber mood over the place.

We decided to eat out at the Gloucester Motel for dinner and I got my chance to finally try the Marron. It was good, a bit more rubbery than American crayfish with a slight nuance of scallop and it is not eaten with butter (which I really missed. Just about anything tastes great with drawn butter and I often wonder if it is the crab or lobster that I like so much or really just the butter.) Mom had a vindaloo prepared by the authentic Indian chef and...

for pudding we ordered Pavlova for dessert, a traditional Australian meringue dessert. (We got the last one and were kidded by our neighbor who said he wanted a bite since they wouldn't let him order his own. (Behind us in the picture is a British couple who stayed at Glenhaven that night. (A Navy Captain and his wife.))

I slept like a log that night and in the morning we packed up and headed back on the road to do the Tree Top Walk.


At 1:05 PM, Anonymous min said...

Pretty pictures. Did they serve that Marron with any kind of sauce at all? They look pretty good to me.

At 10:56 PM, Blogger Wendy and/or Don said...

I think there was a garlic sauce of some kind. Funny, I can't remember right now.


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