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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Beyond Yalgorup

Saturday, September 30 continues....

After our visit to Yalgorup, we decided to head into Bunbury and visit the Dolphin Discovery Center. When we arived at the visitor center, we were told that the DDC was closed for the day, but we were given directions for two different birding spots.

We decided to go for the White Mangrove Swamp and so we went to the area across the street from the Dolphin Discovery Center and climbed down the stairs to the boardwalk of the Mangrove swamp.

There was a lot of bird activity, but the mangrove plants hid it all pretty well. Mom and I had walked across little Mangrove stems on our way to go fishing in the Kimberley, so we were already familiar with Australia's mangrove groves, but we read the little blurbs on ship wrecks and looked for birds.

We saw about six birds all of which we had seen often enough before,
This one according to Mom is called Willy wagtail: we then loaded back in the car and headed on toward the Tuart forest. Of course neither Mom nor I knew what a Tuart tree looked like (despite having photographed one in King's Park a week or so earlier), so we drove through the park wondering what it was we were looking for.

We decided the Tuarts were the large grey trees and were amazed to see huge patches of Calla lilies (which we were later told were Arum lilies that Europeans planted and now like the rabbit, the fox and the cane toad, they were out of control.

None of these pictures show the magnitude of the problem - we passed fields absolutely full of the flowers, but there was never a good place to pull over when we saw them.

It was getting dusky and buggy at the Tuart Forest so we knew it was time to head on to Busselton, where we had booked a room for the night.

This turned out to be a nice situation - a room with refrigerator, toaster, hot water kettle and all the amenities (including ensuite (or adjoining) bathroom. We slept well and got up refreshed and ready for more adventures.


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