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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Wednesday Footy

The Program had a great success today when our CSB/SJU Footy team had a chance to play Australian Rules football against a local Aboriginal College named Clontarf Academy.

For more photos and details see , but I just had to put a few photos up because it was such a great occasion.

Here are Dave and Dan preparing for play:

And here is the whole group afte the game.

Mom and I decided to go out to lunch to a little Indian restaurant that was less than 2 blocks from home.

We watched a swallow flying around as we ate. There were a couple of nests across the street under Gino's eaves, so Wendy naturally had to take a picture:

The food was good and reasonably priced and the outing gave us time to get all our other errands done before a meeting about Broome with Simon and Wendy's appointment to watch the "Yankeroos" play footy. On our errands we saw this woman and her poodle. The poodle had dreadlocks in both its tail and head hair. (I wish I had a shot of its face.)


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