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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

(Updated) Margaret takes us to Evi's

One of the good things that happened yesterday (Monday) was that Margaret Bongers, Pat King's sister, called and invited us for an outing on Tuesday.

Wendy dashed out and got some sweets and we both did some cleaning and straightening. Margaret arrived about ten thirty and we invited her in for tea and scones, before starting our tour.

Thus began the most interesting day for Mom so far. Margaret drove us all around the Fremantle/Perth area past a Majolica store

...and a yacht basin on the Swan river. Because the water is so deep, it is a dark, dark, blue, quite striking with its white boats and Italiante houses perched above.

As she drove, Margaret showed us the locations of several art galleries and where other stores of interest might be found. While in this upscale residential area, we passed the house of an artist friend of hers, who was outside working, so we stopped to meet her and to view her work.

Her name is Evi Ferrier and she is a very successful and inspiring artist. She has almost completely filled the walls (outside and in) with found objects, broken tiles, pieces of sculpture and paintings. The first thing one sees when one arrives at Evi's is a house, whose exterior is covered in mosaics.

On the roof is a large sculptured dog done by a friend.

Uner the carport is an enormous sand sculpture of a conglomeration of people. There are candles on the top and it must look fabulous when the shadows play over the geometric lines of the figures.

After entering the gate, one is greeted by a gorgeous weeping wisteria hanging down from above, which perfectly complements the gliter and dazzle of the courtyard and house walls

and a nearby pool (painted on the bottom and fence by another firend. The walls are decorated with broken tiles, teacup handles and all manner of ceramic materials.

Evi (Pronounced Ehvee) has been mentioned in several books and publications (even in the States) and is a cheerful, ebullient woman, whom Mom describes as warm and gracious.

She took us of a tour of her home and every room was unique and fascinating with its own atmosphere.

The living room was wall to wall paintings and even the bathroom was full of little bottles and interesting objets d'art.

The kitchen is a cheerful place full of warm yellows. It had an almost Mexican feel to it (and several of the artifacts around the house were Mexican, I noticed.)

She shared her living arrangements with a gorgeous harlequin Great Dane who lay majestically on his cushion and was as calm and friendly as any dog could be.

Here you see Margaret and Mom taking the tour:

There are large windows that look out onto the patio, so that the exterior and interior work in a complementary fashion.

I just could not get enough pictures of the place and wish I had taken even more, but I felt so intrusive waltzing through the house and snapping pictures left and right.

It was avery inspiring experience and I am eager to go back to my mosiac work when I get home. Mom and I were motivated to do a little painting when we got home that night!

More pictures and the next part of our exciting day will be continued in the next blog entry.


At 9:45 PM, Anonymous min said...

Whoa Nelly! That's better than a trip to Willy Wonka's chocolate factory!

At 10:27 PM, Blogger Wendy and/or Don said...

Yes, indeed it is. Nothing is made of chocolate, but everything glitters and is so fascinating! It was an absolutely incredible experience!


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