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Friday, September 01, 2006

A trip to King's Park

Sometimes my office seems a bit bleak and I know its time to get a change of air. (Of course the Department of Mine Sweeping sometimes does seem like my true job position).

This week I decided to take a train ride to Perth and visit King's Park. King's Park is a large garden on the banks of the Swan River, that has a botanical garden and a wonderful collection of native flora (and even some fauna). It is also near a hill that is a sacred spot to the Aboriginal people who first lived here and houses an art gallery.

It was not the most successful trip. I had used up my last multi-rider ride and needed to purchase a ticket and that ultimately caused me tomiss the train by 10 seconds. (I was racing to get to the park before 10:30 forthe Wildflower tour and that set me back a bit (as did the fact that in Perth the first bus driver refused to let me on the bus and the second bus driver had to inform methat I was waiting for the wrong bus. When I finally got to the park I found I had the time wrong and the tour was well under way. (When I caught up with the tour it turned out to be a history tour and not a botanical one, so it was a messed up effort all the way round.)

So, I set off on my own to explore the vegetative matter in the vicinity. As usual I took a lot of pictures. (Most of which need very little description. There are many wild flowers in bloom right now (we are approaching the major blooming season).

This is a general view of a garden of native plants near the entrance to the botanical garden.

The garden lies along the river bank, so there are beautiful views of the city across the river at every bend. Here is a shot of one of the paths along the river.

Brightly colored flowers accentuate the beauty of the unusually shaped low-water plants.

The garden has many different smaller gardens within the perimeter. I'm amazed at how many orange plants there are, but my favorite is the red flowered plants. This one has flowers and seed pods coming right out of the tem.

The grevillea are incredible and there are separate gardesn for Banksia, Acacia and melaleuca (among many others). They even have a little tree level walk, that is qiuite interesting.

I love the variety of flowers and the many different forms of the blossoms:

The Swan brewery is on the River very close to the park.

I heard so many different bird calls - at least seven different kinds and had no idea what kinds of birds I was hearing,

although I did see a blue-winged kookaburra and caught a fuzzy shot of him flying away as well as a few of him sitting in a tree (But he wasn't eating any gumballs.)

I was amazed at the sheer variety of fascinating floral forms to be found in the garden.

I love the Kangaroo paw which is the flower of West Australia.

Here is a Melaleuca from that specific garden.

All the plants seemed reallye amazing. After the garden I headed home via the arcades. I had a great Sushi roll before my return to Fremantle. The day had been saved even though it had started out wrong.


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