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Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Sunday was another lovely day, and so we enjoyed a leisurely walk to the market. Outside the market there are always buskers of various kinds and that day there was a man preparing to ride a very tall unicycle.

As is the case with most of those guys, he had a very amusing patter and we stopped (but only briefly) to be sure that he would indeed stay atop his contraption before continuing on to the market.

There we laid in a supply of food, well vegetables, anyway. The market is similar to a Mexican market, crowded with vendors as well as customers.

On display was a diverse variety of wares including the infamous Floonie store which we passed by on the way to the food.

After finishing at the market, Wendy walked the veggies home while Mom waited on a bench near the "Cappuccino Strip". Then we walked to the grocery store. On the walk a severely disabled, (but lovely in temperament) man in a motorized wheel chair came up to us and congratulated Mom in a belabored fashion on her tenacity in walking with her stick (cane) and to tell her to keep up the good work.

We had lousy curry that night. (Wendy just wasn't up to good cooking!)


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