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Friday, September 01, 2006

Sunday in Subi

Visiting Christine's house on Saturday was not enough of a good suburb, so on Sunday I headed back to Subiaco, this time to enjoy a free concert and to look around with a bit more leisure.

Subiaco is a trendy suburb, great for shopping and people watching. It was the day of the big game between the two local Football teams, so I shared the train with dozens of excited fans of the Fremantle Dockers (shown here in their purple, green and red and the Eagles whose fans wore yellow and blue. The Dockers fans expected to be very outnumbered and the team has been having an up and down year, so most thought the eagles (the more upper class team) would trounce the primarily working class supported Dockers. (It turned out that the Dockers would win by an overwhelming margin.)

When I arrived in Subi, there were the ticket scalpers selling their wares for the sold out game and for a split second I considred going tothe game instead of the concert, but since we have tickets for the game on September 2, I decided against it and headed down the street towards the arts centre.

On the way I stopped into the tiny little Subiaco history museum to see what they had to offer. The most interesting exhibits were parts of the old church.

Then it was on to the concert by Sue Bluck. The arts center is in a very nice location.

In the back are mosaic lizard sculptures and onthe side is one of the most beautiful wooded parking lots I have ever seen. Of course as ususal I had gotten the time wrong so I was late for the concert, but fortunately the football game had siphoned off the ususal large crowd, so I was able to get in despite the fact that tickets usually go long before the concerts start.

I was so impressed by the quality of this concert. Sue has a honey smooth voice and sings a wide variety of bluesy jazz. The bass player looked like one of the Baldwin brothers (maybe a younger Alec which you can't tell from this photo) and the saxophone player was absolutely amazing. I resolved to buy their album opn the spot (although it turns out their newer stuff is not on the album I bought and the older stuff is abit less exciting.)

After the concert I came home and rushed to the market where I had three and a half minutes to do some vegetable shopping for the week. I was pretty happy with my results. For $10 I scored veggies that would have cost more than fifty dollars at the grocery store, so of course since there really isn't enough pictures of food on this blog, I thought I'd better record my success photographically.


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