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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Our Saturday Out

Friday evening Katie Healey came by to bring us our tickets and so we invited her to stay for dinner. We were tired from shopping, so we had made a pumpkin (otherwise known as squash) soup and augmented it with an Australian meat pie (for Mom) and a cheese sandwich for Wendy and Katie and left over broccoli that never gives out (and is still sitting in the freezer). It was a relaxed evening.

The next day we had an early visit from John Lynch and a plumber who came to fix the leaking water heater.

Then we decided to use the fact that you can ride the trains for two hours on any ticket punch to visit a museum in Perth before going to the Footy game in Subiaco.

We opted to visit the museum closest to the train station which was the Western Australian Art Museum. Because time was short, we had to leave before we saw more than half of it, but we enjoyed the second room that had art from the various areas around Western Australia. We also went out on the Verrranda and took pictures of the trees. (All on Mom's camera -yet to be developed).

We got back on the train and went to West Leederville from whence we were able to walk to the oval. Wendy miscalculated a bit, first by getting us there far too early (more than 90 minutes so) and secondly in thinking that we could stop at a cafe or diner in the area. West Leederville is a residential area with nary a store in sight - so we had no choice but to go straight to the oval and enter the stadium. We were starving and able to find one vendor open that early (after much searching). There was, however, a show, in that two high school footy teams were battling it out, so we got to watch the up and coming footballers in action.

This is a view of the oval from outside as we approached the entrance. An Australian football field is absolutely gigantic, bigger in both length and width than an American football field.

The day had been warm, but we were in for a shock as far as the extreme change in temperature after sunset. Here as you can see it is sunny and warm. Notice there are not too many fans in the picture, but there is lots of sunshine!

When the Dockers actually got to playing, the sun had set and an unfriendly wind decided to pierce our clothing and chill our bones! Alas, we are not the diehard sports fans, that the Australians are and we beat it out of there before the end of the second quarter. Of course the Dockers had a safe margin of victory, so we did not feel like we were letting them down and they ultimately won their last game of the season by more than 70 points.

We went home and watched the end on TV in the comfort and warmth of our living room.


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