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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Lynn Arrives (catching up on Thursday and Friday)

Thursday was a really busy day. Not only did I have to get up and finish grading papers for class, but I had to run pick up the car and then pick up my Mom who was coming to take over the Assistant Director duties, from the airport. It was rainy and not too attractive out and I was very nervous about whether I would get lost again going or coming to the airport. To add to the pressure, I was informed that someone needed the school car at one oclock and Mom was scheduled to arrive at 11:25. With picking up baggage and the fact that her plane had left Sydney 20 minutes late, I was even more anxious because the last trip back from the airport had taken 2 hours due to some injudicious geographical indiscretions on my part. Would I be able to handle the task at hand, or would I be an abysmal failure destined for the Airport Loser Hall of Fame?

Ultimately I arrived early and without incident so I ended up parking by the side of the road in order not to go into short term parking too early. This turned out not to be such a great idea (even though there were some half a dozen other people pulled over to the side of the road doing the same thing.) It seems two very full flights from Sydney left at exactly the same time and arrived likewise simultaneously. This meant that by the time I pulled into the lot 5 minutes before the flights were to arrive, every short term parking space was taken as well as some invented spots along the sides of the parking lot. After driving endlessly I was able to pull into undoubtedly the farthest spot away from the airport that anyone could have found in short term parking! To prove how panicked I was, I confess, I did not even take a single picture! Can you imagine, ME not taking pictures!! (And I had such an opportunity to take a picture of a drug sniffing beagle, too!)

It turned out I was there in plenty of time and had to wait around while people unloaded. Eventually a nice woman wheeled Mom (all decked out in pink) out in a wheel chair. We collected her luggage, and headed home without any terrible events except for one cuss word from the driver when she realized that she had almost taken us to East Perth because of a fork in the road. We arrived at the University at 1:03 and then headed home for unpacking (and class preparation).

Mom got settled in and I figured out the Video player so I could show the students Breaker Morant at the flat that night instead of our usual class. We had to go to the grocery store to prepare for the evening's event and get Mom some supplies, so we walked to Coles (the grocery store) and gave Mom a little taste of her new home for the next couple of months.

That evening, she met the students, stayed up the full length of the day and actually stayed clear headed and comprehensible the whole day. (I know I was no where near so lucid when I arrived). She helped me get snacks ready for the students and straighten up and so I was already forcing her to work within hours of her arrival!

On Friday we went into town and did a bit of clothes shopping. Like Daughter, like mother. I just couldn't really elieve that Fremantle winters would be very cold, so I had not brought much in the way of warm clothing and so too Mom needed to go find a long sleevede shirt or two to compensate for her flimsy wardrobe. Target had been having a wonderful clearance sale, so we shopped to our hearts content and on the way home split a scone from Culley's tea room.

Here you see a friend that we picked up while dining. He hopped around and dined on the left over crumbs and seemed like he might not want to wait until we were finished (but he did).

Mom even saw a Galah flying around on her first day out! (It was the first one I had really seen in the wild too.) We came home and had a nice dinner and prepared for our first major outing on Saturday when we would go to the Footy game!


At 10:29 AM, Anonymous min said...

Yea! I'm glad she made it in safely!


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