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Monday, September 18, 2006

Got owls?

I'm not sure why (perhaps it was because they were awake) but I seem to have been obsessed with the owls on this trip. perhaps it was hearing barking owls make "woofing" noises that started us down that route, but the owls were alert and fascinating.

And how can a photographer pass up a shot like this?

Okay, now I know this is not an owl, but it is a gorgeous blue-winged kookaburra.


I wish I could remember which was which kind of owl. We saw lots of different kinds. I think this was a masked owl.

This was probably the barking one.

I should also mention that the landscape of native plants was also breath-takingly beautiful. I know I sound like the typical over-enthusiastic American with all the excessive epithets, but it is an inspiring landscape- so different from the one we know at home.

This was a bustard, intently involved in a mating ritual while his companion ignored him completely. He hooted in a bass profundo way and swaggered while she (unimpressed) continued to forage for food. (Sounds too tempting to comment upon, doesn't it!?)

This is a glossy ibis rom a cage with many Thick-knees and pigeons.

Reptiles are under-represented at the park, but there were a few in cages both in the open and in a mini-reptile house behind the wombat pavillion.

We also passed the red fox sitting and waiting for dinner.

The dingoes lay out on a rock and got a rather excited when the rather excited male emu was chasing the female around the cage.

As you can see this one was planning a family already. The eggs are an extraordinary green color.

Oh, what's that? A kangaroo?

Oh, no, it's a wallaby. Stay tuned for kangaroos.


At 6:55 PM, Anonymous min said...

Do they eat those green eggs?

At 8:29 PM, Blogger Wendy and/or Don said...

I bet they would if they could get ham, but there are no pigs native to Australia! ;-(

They would not eat them in a box. They would not eat them with a fox. They would not eat them with a towel. They would not eat them with an owl. They would not eat them in the town, but in the bush one eats what's found!


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