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Monday, September 18, 2006

Caversham for the Birds

Well, it turns out that there was more wildlife in the park than we even imagined. They let these wild monsters wander around outside the cage!

Mom spotted this one on a stump.

The variety of birdlife was incredible. I know the ducks are nothing uncommon (even though they are beautiful.)

The miner (myna) bird is a bit more out of the ordinary!

This is a quokka - rodent found on Rottnest island in the vicinity of Fremantle.

This is a quoll - a very jittery nocturnal animal that I managed to catch at his dish.

These are one of the many varieties of parrots that are native to Australia.

Black swans are the State bird of Western Australia.

Can you believe I found another owl picture?! (Yeah, of course you can!)

These parrots are very brightly colored and fly around wild.

As we got ready to leave the bats were waking up and dining on fruit left by their keepers.

This was a lovely bird in one of the free flight cages.

The birds nested all over the cage. Here we se the rare kangaroo bird at rest.

I'm not sure what these large rodents are but they come in grey and red and a are a bit skittish.

They have large tails that they use to protect themselves and they swarm across the lawn.

They don't make a lot of noise and seem to take things pretty easy.

And they multiply like... See the little baby?

So that is what we saw at Caversham. We had to struggle to find the right roads home but managed to get home faster than we got to the park. We were all tuckered out and happy to get home.


At 8:00 AM, Anonymous min said...

That's what I like--a blog chock full o' kangaroo'''s!!!

At 10:04 AM, Blogger Wendy and/or Don said...

Oh, is that what those are!!


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