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Saturday, August 26, 2006

A Subiaco Saturday

While the Dockers and the Eagles battled it out. Christine and I decided to do something more intense. We went to see a movie at the Leederville Luna Cinema.

I had originally planned to go to King's Park in Perth this morning but the weather looked a bit rainy and dark, so after waiting a bit and doing some grading, I decided I would take the neighbor dog, Mick (the Irish Terrier) for a walk.

I took him down to Dog beach where he was very excited to meet other canines. He needs a bit of work on his manners (He is a teenager after all), but the other dogs were actually also a bit uppity since they were off leash and kept running over and getting him all excited.

Then after lunch I heade4d out toward the train station to meet Christine in Subiaco. On the way I saw a man with a mostly bald (or shaved) head who had a little tuft of pink hair on top. He was sitting with a woman at a noodle shop eating a wonderful looking soup so I stopped and asked if I could take his picture. Thus I met Dave and Jenny and learned about some really good places to eat in town (including Maya Masala and this little Vietnamese place).

Christine met me at the Subiaco train station and wow was she looking glamorous. She had a new hair cut with a new red color and was wearing elegant black with a red glass necklace and an orange scarf to set off the new hair! She took me by to see her house. What a perfect place! She has the decor matched precisely in colors of blue and white. With cool drinking glasses with geometric blue shapes on them and a dazzling white kitchen with matching appliances.

Her couch has blue cushions which match perfectly the lovely Japanese cloth on the wall that has (blue of course) drinking gourds as its main theme.

The front of the house has a little garden and the back has a bigger garden partitioned off with matchstick blind type fencing. The second floor has bedrooms and a bath with laundry and then the really extraordinary aspect about her place is the third floor; a sunroom that she calls the library (pictured here). You can't see the huge windows here.

What a marvelous place to read in winter. (It has Northern exposure with a huge window facing the park (Remember everyone that north faces the sun down here).

We took a quick peek around town and then headed for Leedrville. Here is part of the shopping district in Subiaco (so readers have a sense of suburban areas.)

The cinema is really interesting because it is spread out in a labyrinthine design (with long halls to theaters 3 and 4 (the small ones). On the way there is a snack bar with this interesting space!

We saw the very depressing film 2:37 about some very demoralized highschool students. It was nicely edited with the stories of 6 teenagers (7 actually) being intercut with commentary by the characters. Eventually the interconnections of their stories become clear and there is a very nice use of repeated time to form an intensely interesting plot structure. Each teenage character looks initially happy and well adjusted, but each also has a secret (as characters in films so often do that leads to their misery and the audience's suspicion that he or she may be the person who has committed suicide behind the locked door of the highschool bathroom. The end is a wrenchingly realistic protrayal of a suicide by wrist slitting that seems to go on for ten minutes. Both Christine and I were a bit shaken as we navigated our way out of the theater.

So, for decompression it was off to a truly wonderful Japanese restaurant where after debriefing on the film, we relaxed a bit and eased into a delicious meal. Christine had a chicken ramen soup and I had a combination Sushi.

The interior design of the restaurant was also fun! The chairs had screen-like areas in the backs that revealed the image of a woman's face and although most of the decor was drop dead elegant and serious in blacks and reds, there was this funky mural on the wall of an old anime (cartoon really) character, Astroboy.

With such a fantastic ambiance, we chatted about the movie and other big events in Christine's life and had a marvelous time.


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