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Monday, August 14, 2006

Karris and Tingles and Banksia, Oh My!

Our drive down to the south coast from Pemberton along the Western Highway was quite beautiful. Frequently the winding road was swallowed in a canopy of trees such that sunlight was considerably dimmed or during the brief rains we barely got wet.

We stopped at a turn out and had lunch in the car and then proceeded on to the Valley of the Giants.

The one time the rain actually caught up with us was at the canopy walk high up in the trees. We had to put on our rain gear and ascend the walkway in the drizzle.

However, when we got higher up the storm ceased and the sun came out. The long metal ramps swayed with the wind and almost seemed alive themselves.

When they would cease swaying, young boys would try jumping up and down on them or even moving from side to side to restore the movement to the structure.

There were quite a few more folks braving the elements to catch this experience, so we were far from alone. The Tingle trees are very broad at the base and tall like the karris.

They have shallow roots and frequently due to lightening strikes or anomalies of growth and development, the lower trunks can be partially or completely hallowed out so that one can stand inside the 200 foot tree or even walk entirely through it.

After the canopy walk, there was a trail on the ground through an adjacent grove of karris and tingles that we took.

Then we went on a drive through the rest of the National Park and made it to the coastal town of Denmark as dusk was falling.

Here, we stayed at another B & B that Jim at Glenhaven recommended, (And Wendy is breaking the rest off here for another blog post!


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