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Friday, August 18, 2006

I'll See You in the Sweet B and B

The Mount Lindsey View B & B. There we were looked after by Debbie who is originally from England, and her husband Ron, clearly an Australian, but whose forebearers had come over from Germany.

The B and B has 3 lovely rooms each named after a wine. Ours (with a wink at Sideways ? was Merlot) but it was not an overcommodified room at all. It was beautifully decorated in dark merlot colors with a little bottle of port and all kinds of candies at the bedside.

The rest of the house was also quaint and inviting. The dining area warm with a fire in the iron stove and a lovely view out at Mt. Lindsey across a vast expanse of lawn.

We again had a good dinner in town at the Denmark Hotel which they recommended. It was an interesting place full of families and working class people out to have a good weekend time. You went up to the counter to order your meal and they had tables packed into the place to the maximum capacity. It felt more like a bar than a restaurant or hotel. We were jammed up against a pillar with a bamboo floral arrangement and next to a couple of tables with large extended families.

Wendy had kangaroo steak (which not anything like chicken) with salad and sweet potatoes and Don had spicey salmon with rice and salad. One of the garnishes that came with Don's dinner was so potently spicy that he was sure Wendy would enjoy it so he encouraged her to have some. However, since he for some reason failed to warn her that the innocently appearing item packed a punch, she was completely taken by surprise and was not pleased with her mate. We finished the meal with a wonderful slice of rasperry cheese cake and headed back to the B & B for a well earned sleep. A full day for Don's 49th birthday.

The next day, we were served another hearty and tasty Australian breakfast which would fuel us for another full day (and of course there is a picture, Victoria).

Also, we met another couple, Ian and Rianne, who were staying there for a getaway for their 18th wedding anniversary. They were immigrants from South Africa who lived in the nearby town of Albany. He is a math teacher for the equivalent of junior high and she is a nurse. They had numerous helpful suggestion of things to do in the area for our last day of our trip, Sunday.

We started our day by driving through a nearby part of town at our hosts suggestion where wild kangaroos could likely be seen. We (particularly Wendy) were not disappointed as there was a group of five or six lounging in a sunny field where we could stop and take numerous photographs. (Well, two actually)

This achievement was evidently an important one to accomplish on our getaway and would enhance the sense of fulfillment that comes from a vacation.


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