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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Don Gone!

The day after Don left, I began an exercise program. The morning was rainy, but the walk was pleasant. I met some local historical women and they encouraged me in my exercise undertaking. When Don was here I never noticed that the roundhouse has a tunnel underneath it. There is a museum inside the Roundhouse itself and under it there are some display cases with historical artifacts. On the other side you can walk along a small beach. If you turn right you can go out to a little light house. Very early this morning there was lots of harbor noise and I discovered the source to be a Singaporean ship which was leaving as I approached the lighthouse. They had mustered their sailors on the deck and from a distance I could see their little white sailor caps and khaki colored uniforms. As the ship sailed off the marched with outstretched legs into the belly of the ship. It was a fetching display observed only by a few of us out on the quay. As far as I can tell most of the people that would frive up and leave almost immediately, were there to use their cell phones.(I could think of no other reason for them to stay for such a short time. (No suspicious people came to their car windows, nor were identity cards or secret microfilm exchanged as far as I could tell.)


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