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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Caversham Wildlife Park

I expect this topic to be drawn out over several posts since there are lots of animal pictures to share. Today the American students piled into a bus and headed off to Caversham wildlife park a zoo that allows personal interactionwith some of the animals. It was a wonderful opportunity to see some hard to find animals as well as get a good view of ones that are seen mostly darting from tree to tree. Here two red tailed Cockatoos approve our arrival. (Unfortunately you can't see the red on their tails, but up until now I've only seen these as black shadows that zoom into the treetops.

If you like kangaroos then you'll getr an eyeful today. There were huge pens with dozens of kangaroos of different species, sizes and ages.

They lounged around and pretty much ignored us even though we tried to tempt them with lots of kangaroo goodies.

We saw red kangaroos and grey ones and one other kind I've now forgotten. They are the softest animals imaginable.

Don would have a great tagline for this one, but I'm unable to find a funny line.

This is a wild white tailed cockatoo who was sitting on a cage full of White tail cockatoos. I guess he was lonely.

These are lizards whose tails look a lot like their heads:

These may be blue skinks (I'm not sure anymore)

A highlight of the trip was getting to hold a wombat. Here the tour leader shows us how it is done.

Of course I had to try this! They were a bit squirmy (they are animals that love to dig and the noise and large numbers of people no doubt made them rather nervous.)

This is a peregrine falcon Australian style (larger than the ones I am accustomed to in the States.

(Stay Tuned for part two).


At 3:24 AM, Anonymous Jenny said...

I was wondering exactly what "kangaroo goodies" were and then I saw the uncaptioned picture and thought, "I can see that kangaroo's goodies!"


At 12:20 AM, Blogger Wendy and/or Don said...

We certainly weren't feeding the kangaroo that kind of goodies. The goodies we gave them were kangaroo food. As usual the goodies you are seeing are only female - the teats are inside the pouch, so you won't see those, but I am afraid, yes, there is full frontal female nudity on our web site! Next time we'll try and getthem to wear thongs.


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