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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Caversham quatro

(Couldn't resist yet another attempt at that silly Honey darter - grin)

Well now, in the continuing saga of the Caversham park experience...

after the camel rides (and before she left us to our own devices) the guide took us around to the Koalas. This is of course a very exciting part of the tour, because Koalas are cute and soft as well (a quality lacking in the luxuriously lumpy, but more cuddly wombats). Koalas are eating machines that do nothing much besides eating, (having sex, I hear) and sleeping.

They are slow animals, that have to eat huge numbers of leaves to keep going and so they spend most of their waking hours feeding singlemindedly and are pretty much oblivious to the human fuss going on around them. We were fortunate to get to see a couple of baby koalas (who were not as secure and jaded as their adult companions.) With all the noise and flash of cameras the poor little baby was shaking and took refuge on the back of an adult who was not her mother.

Another animal that we got to see for the first time is the Tasmanian devil.

These creatures from Tasmania have a bite 4 times stronger than a dog and are known to be quite ferocious.

On my own, I set out to see things we had whooshed by on our tour. I really enjoy the reptiles and here were some lizards who were out in a pen enjoying the sun:

Here is a wombat in his pen. They can move amazingly fast and this one had just come from feeding and was covered in
food from the feeding trough.

There were several exhibits of bats. They were hard to photograph because they are dark creatures back lit against the bright blue sky. Here are a few (Fox?) bats that I managed to capture on disk.

There are all kinds of rodent like animals in Australia. These (I believe) are Quokkas, an animal found on Rottnest island not too far from us in Fremantle. There were several other similar animals including one that sounded something like pademum ( I keep thinking of Starwars - when I hear it).

We had a wonderful time at the park .I'll close this section with my favorite picture thus far. This is exactly how I felt when I left after all our wonderful adventures.


At 1:43 PM, Anonymous min said...

So, is the wombat really a bat?

At 12:17 AM, Blogger Wendy and/or Don said...

No the wombat is really a womb.


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