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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Caversham for the Birds

I was particularly taken by the fact that there were free flight cages in the park and I could see many of the birds I had been hunting with the camera but had been unable to really capture except as tiny blur spots in a sea of bush. I have ordered a bird book which has not yet arrived, and so I tried to remember as many of the names as possible (and of course I failed!)

This of course is an echidna (and it does lay eggs, I believe, but doesn't really qualify as bird (nor have I seen or tried to photograph one in the wild). I vaguely remember when I was a tiny little girl my father telling me something about monotremes - platypuses and echidna(s?) - egg-laying mammals in Australia, but don't quote me on that!

These are owls. I think maybe barn owls. I managed to get bars instead of birds on the screaming owls. They had a nice selection of diffferent kinds of owls at the park.

All the different galahs, cockatoos and parrots mystify me. Here is a pink cockatoo of some kind.

This was a bluebird (I think they actually call it a blue wren) that was loose flying around the park (not a zoo specimen). They are brilliant azure and I'd been missing them photographically for a while. I'm glad to at least have ablurry shot of one.

This was one of the birds in the free flight cage, a pigeon of some kind. They had cages for each of four or five regions of Australia. Alas my memory fails me as to what it is:

There were many water/marsh birds in this cage. This looks like a stork to me.

And this one pleases me aesthetically because of all the white blossoms surrounding the white bird.

This little guy kept sticking his head through the wire of his cage. I think it was a lapwing. He has beautiful painted features and is quite an industrious little fellow.

Finally here is one with a little color. It is a bird with a double name (like a wang wang (but that is not quite right).


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