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Friday, July 21, 2006

A Week Away--MSP

Wendy insists that I contribute to this blog and I blame myself for letting slip that someone from the library (whose initials are Janine Lortz) suggested that we do this and that is why I am here right now on this cold and rainy morning typing into the computer rather than enjoying a hot cup of tea.

So, I am certain that you all are more interested in what was up on the airlines as opposed to silly things like what is new and different about being down under. I will comply and give you all the low down from the Don R. point of view.

Well, you all are probably familiar with how things go on NWA and so the fact that there was no free food on the flight which left at 5:45 pm on Thursday July 13 and that the seats and aisles are incredibly cramped and narrow will be no great revelation.
However, even before we got through security the little NWA man, and I mean he was probably no taller than Wendy in hiking boots, insisted that the same Wendy must place one of her bags in the measured space to see if it was acceptable for carry on. This must have been karma as we had decided to check no bags, and the little man of course noticed that the fixed wheels at the bottom of Wendy's one suitcase did not fit into the acceptable dimensions and since her professorial efforts to reason with the little man for whom English was probably a second language came to nought I went through the security system and she was detoured to check bags.

So, once Wendy appeared in the waiting area I readily fell in with her plans and went to purchase her a consoling chocolate chip cookie from the Caribou Coffee concession.

All right, since I am chronologically challenged, you certainly do not expect to read about things in any particular order.


At 10:33 PM, Anonymous min said...

Ill bet Janine is sitting down to a nice steamy cup of hot tea right now and enjoying reading about your adventures. (But I'll bet she doesn't have a scrumditilyumptious cookie to go with it)

At 8:49 AM, Anonymous Wendy in Oz said...

Where do we get one of those cookies?

At 9:42 PM, Anonymous pim said...

From the Caribou Coffee concession, of course!


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