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Friday, July 21, 2006

Vacations Start At Home

Since our NWA flight did not leave until after 500 p.m. and our ride was not due to pick us up at home until a bit after 1:00 that afternoon, we had a lot of time at home to get ready and did not have to stay up late the night before packing?


It just meant that we did more packing and re-packing!

Don had what must have been a panic attack by mid morning of departure since after waking up at 530 a.m. and having breakfast and a shower and making some progress getting things organized around the house for the house sitter and stuff set up for the dog and the cats, by 9:00 a.m. he realized that his passport was not to be found. Oh, the expired passport from the 1990s was right there, but the current and valid one, which had been lying around at 10:00 p.m. the night before had mysteriously left its place of honor and distinction atop his desk for points unknown. As this was more in line with a common Wendy trait of toying with important documents he found himself on very unfamiliar ground and decided to immediately consult the resident expert in wayward objects, Dr. Sterba. This matter was just too important and the fact that humiliation would undoubtedly be a part of a consult with the good doctor was merely of a secondary concern.

Well, Dr. Sterba told me not to panic (too late) and to try to recall where I last saw the passport. She might as well taken my temperature and given me aspirin as I was way past that point with my desk top more resembling her office during the last part of any semester or final exam period. However, after about 10 minutes of going over and through the desktop contents I found the passport inserted in between the pages of a book that I was considering taking along with me. Given my belief that inanimate objects have some touches of consciousness, I took this as a strong signal that this particular book wanted to accompany us on our journey and so I promptly found it a place in my shoulder bag. It was amazing how my heart rate soon settled back down to more normal pace and how drained I felt coupled with a profound sense of relief. The good Dr. Sterba congratulated me and said that she had harbored little doubt that my search uncover the wayward passport.

OK, so you all probably remember just how horribly humid and hot that day was, and with all our running about the house and the yard getting things thrown away, put into place or packed up it became impossible to feel comfortable. Anxiety, fatigue plus extreme humidity, a known combination for feeling as if you really need a vacation.


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