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Sunday, July 23, 2006

A Pleasant Uneventful Day in Freo

Since Don refuses to write anything properly informative about our visit to Australia, I thought I'd jot down a few notes. (I guess you can either have Don's style or my substance cleverness or drab prosaic descriptions (but at least there are pictures!)) Today we had the students over to brunch at the house.


This meant a busy morning of fetching baked goods, cooking and striaghtening. I slept a bit later than usual this morning which I hope means the jet lag is beginning to wear off, but which also meant that my first batch of biscuits went into the oven a bit later than planned. I invented an olive, chicken cheese biscuit that I liked quite a bit, but which was not terribly popular with the students (several of whom don't really like olives). After two meals with the students, I have to say it is a very good group, respectful, kind and interesting. Don's shortbreads went fast and the scones disappeared quickly. We had been a bit worried about whether there would be enough food (It is very hard to gauge what 22 young adults might be likely to eat.) It was good that we had fruit to augment the 2 dozen scones. Apricot bars from the bakery were unpopular, but the heavy, German-style bread seemed to go well. Most of my muesli cookies were also eaten. Unfortunately we lost oneof our students and when we went back to show him the way he had headed off to the market. So we were not yet a complete contingent, since james was shopping and Maggie had yet to arrive. We discussed the schedule and then sent the students off to explore while we stayed home and stragihtened up and rested a bit before heading into town to check out the deals at the market.


We decided to leave Maggie and James a little snack bag since they had missed breakfast, so it was back to the bakery for some more scones and then back to the P and O to leave them. On the way we happened upon Tony Fairhead at the Orient bar so we bought a shout and got to know the University of Portland sponsor, Tom and the Notre Dame, Indiana, Director, Katie a bit as well as meeting Tony's companion Ros.

It was a lovely, congenial afternoon together. Late in the afternoon we zoomed over to the market and bought some vegetables for very good price (close out from the market and although we spent $16.00, it cost us much less than it would have at Coles (Supermarket). For that paltry sum we bought, cilanthro, parsley, and eggplant, a HUGE bag of spinach, a box of cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and a grapefruit. The market was crowded and a busker (who had been in a pirate costume when we arrived, was stripped down and doing strange things with some kind of metal device that looked like a bow saw. He had bone ribs tattooed on to his chest and seemed to have a very funny spiel as he manouvered his body through the metal bow.

We went home and had a spinach chicken concoction for dinner and then it was off to mass. The Father used an incident at a Dominoes (pizza place ) where management had insisted workers be docked two minutes for every minute late and pay penalties for improper clothing and been told to quit if they didn't like the policies. The sermon concerned being like Jesus and the right to work (a concept not so wide-spread in the US). I found it very interesting, with a very nice textual interpretation about the meaning of the return o f the disciples who praised themselves for their work rather than (like John the Baptist) focusing on Jesus (and the essential).
After mass, I came home and watched Australian 60 minutes. The topics were recycled water (sewage treated and used for drinking water) a very hot topic here right now, because of water shortages. Other features were about Billy Joel and a Canadian man who traded a red paper clip on Craig's List and after 14 trades had turned his single red paper clip into a house. (A fascinating story involving, Alice Cooper and a Kiss Snowglobe - check out .)
Tomorrow is a big day with lots of Orientation meetings etc. so I will sign off for now.


At 10:29 PM, Anonymous min said...

Sonds like you're having a lovely time complete with Vespers. I'm glad the brunch went well.

At 12:11 AM, Blogger Wendy and/or Don said...

Yes, the vespers here are amazing!! Very buttery!


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